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SelaQui Graduate School (SGS)

SGS aims to be the model institute in the field of Graduate Education focusing on developing executives who are future driven with academic excellence, industry readiness and right values and attitudes. SGS is the place created with student at the centre having resources for exploring knowledge and its application. It is the place for innovation and experimentation for achieving academic excellence and overall perfection. SGS's revolutionary Teaching and Learning process is based on the "Knowledge Transaction" or "Curriculum Transaction Framework".


Undergraduate Programs

Companies seek the multi-tasking skills in an individual. SGS thinks an Undergraduate program is worth valuable only if it provides a solid foundation and skills to contribute to functional departments.

Thus to make the Undergraduate at SGS Globally competitive and academically refined the following streams of specialization are available to the students.


Eligibility and Processes

• XIIth pass with 50% marks for General candidates.

• Relaxation of up to 5% marks for Physically Handicapped (PH).

• 45% marks for widows/ wards of Defense personnel (War Casualty) category; and degree with pass marks for SC/ST candidates.

Quotas do not apply.


B.Com (Hons)

B.Com (Hons) program has unique features and designed to equip graduates with the knowledge and technical skills necessary to understand and participate in the modern business world. SGS provides its B.Com (Hons) graduates a solid foundation in economics, accounts, finance, costing, taxation and quantitative methods coupled with the latest technology in IT field. SGS helps its graduates to foster ethical values and attitudes for their development as an effective executive for corporate, industry and the financial services sector.


B.Sc. (Economics)

SGS B.Sc.(Economics) provides a solid grounding in the business disciplines of Economics, Statistics, Public Finance and Quantitative Analysis. Thus SGS B.Sc. graduates develop understanding of institutional structures and processes supporting global economics and commerce.

SGS B.Sc. graduate will be able to logically analyze problems, evaluate development activities, planning and develop project reports


Graduate Program in Business Management (GPBM)

At SGS GPBM graduates will have opportunity to develop a broad range of skills and an in-depth knowledge of Business Management and the Economics. They can operate successfully in a range of positions across the corporate, government and public sectors with clear communication, teamwork and leadership skills. GPBM graduates imbibe professional attitudes and ethics at SGS. After completing GPBM program, SGS graduates will have options to choose from Management Executive /Marketing Executive / HR Executive / Banking Associate / Investment Associate / Business Analyst / Entrepreneur.



Faculty at SGS is self-motivated, enthusiastic with ideals and values, competence in the subject and passion of sharing knowledge. Faculty embodies the basic principles of academic freedom, autonomy, accountability, integrity, honesty, gravity, and sincerity.


Faculty- Student Relationship
At SIM, Faculty- Student Relationship is the relationship of mutual trust and respect for the quest of knowledge. SGS adds a very high importance to this relationship. The faculty member acts as a facilitator, guide, and academic leader and a student as an innovator, learner, and a self motivated explorer of knowledge.

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