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Campus & Infrastructure

SelaQui Academy campus is Green and Clean campus. Away from the din and noise of cities and tucked away into the verdant greens of sub Himalayas, SelaQui provide a perfect environment to pursue knowledge, wisdom and skills. Extensive plantation and aesthetic landscaping, open spaces with water bodies make SelaQui campus a rare and unique facility, created to encourage an atmosphere of learning, intellectual ambience & reflection.

SelaQui Academy is located over a 20-acre campus part of The Gurukul Trust campus of nearly 52 acres and adjacent to the highly acclaimed SelaQui International School, in operation for last 10 years.

Academic Block - Centrally Air-Conditioned Academic buildings are designed to ensure comfort, ease and convenience. Stepped, Internet connected and multimedia classrooms ensure availability of learning resources in the lecture rooms – virtually bringing the world to the students or virtually taking them where the learning is.

Automated lighting controls, public address systems, day light harvesting, CCTV, biometric attendance, fire detection and suppression, optic fibre computer network and completely Wi-Fi campus are all designed to support a safety, security and well being of the students and faculty. It contributes to the creation of a vibrant learning and living environment. SelaQui academic buildings are the greenest and safest buildings in Uttarakhand.

Digital Resources

Computer Center & Lab - The entire campus is the computer centre. Every student carries a laptop and is provided access to the Academy's network and servers.

Every student would either bring his/her own laptop as per the specifications prescribed or shall be provided at cost, a new laptop. In either case, the minimum specifications of the laptop notebook would not be less than:

Intel Pentium Core2duo processor 2.1 with 2MB L3 cache, 800 MHz FSB, 14.1 TFT MM Monitor; 2 GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB SATA HDD,

In either case, the laptop will be submitted for loading of licensed operating and application software and virus protection. No pirated software would be allowed on the campus.

Connectivity and Internet Bandwidth

The state-of-the art computer network – a blend of optical fiber and Wi-Fi provides internet and other connectivity throughout the campus – in the classrooms, cafeteria, tutorial rooms, hallways, hostels, faculty housing and even in open spaces. A set of high-end servers support the network.

Operating and application Software

SelaQui has obtained a campus and other licenses from Microsoft Corporation and students will have the benefit of licensed software. Microsoft Campus license includes Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office professional suite, OneNote, Visio, SQL Server, Visual studio .NET Professional.

Every student would pay an annual fee of Rs. 15,000 as technology maintenance fee payable in two equal installments along with semester academic fee.

Labs - SelaQui Academy abounds in well equipped & sophisticated laboratories designed to facilitate the teaching and learning process in tune with the need and aspirations of students. All labs are equipped with Modern & Hi-Tech Equipments.

SelaQui Academy would have following modern well-equipped labs

• Mechanical Lab

• Chemical Lab

• Drawing Lab

• Physics Lab

• Electrical Lab

• Electronics Lab

Workshops - A versatile workshop consists of shops in the field of fitting, carpentry, machine, smithy, forging, welding, Tin-smithy, foundry and Pattern making. Mechanical Machine Shop is equipped with Central Lathes, Shaping Machines & Drilling Machines.

With diverse high-quality experimental kits to enable students learn by doing and honing their practical skills.

Language Lab – linguistic skills are an essential component of employability. Students, therefore, spend a good amount of their time honing their communication and linguistic skills. A well-equipped language lab for improving English /Foreign language skills and corporate communication skills would be available to the students for guided lessons and own-time use for self-improvement.

Library - The library at SelaQui Academy is one of the most modern academic resource centers in the area. It serves as the backbone to all academic activity on the campus and is the knowledge centre of SelaQui Academy’s research oriented mission. It houses a combination of carefully selected print and digital resources that include text and reference material, journals, magazines, periodicals, on-line resources, and highly respectable databases for research.

The library at SelaQui Academy is planned to be the most lively place on the campus, providing friendly environment, where students would love to spend time in pursuit of knowledge and academic excellence. The procurement of academic resources in the library is guided by the Library Committee that includes students as its members.

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