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On Campus Activities

(a) - Events & Festivals

At SelaQui Academy, one would find a fine balance between academic seriousness and the youthful vibes of campus life. The SelaQui Academy is planning a line of events and fests both in and out of the campus based on a recipe fine tuned for learning and excitement.

Technology fests
Sports and cultural fests
Intercollegiate competition
Guest Lectures
Seminars and workshops

(b) - Industry visits in SIDCUL and neighboring towns

Industry visits provide the students with a bigger and better picture of the real world they have to lead tomorrow. The SelaQui Academy is strategically located in Uttarakhand's well-known Industrial area Selaqui which gives the students easy access to top of the line National/international companies.

(c) - Adventure & sports Activities

SelaQui Academy encourages & facilitates formation of many clubs which make students' campus life multi-faceted and development-oriented. Student clubs like

Nature Trail Club
Declamation Club
Cultural Club
Events Club
Sports Clubs
Entrepreneurship Club
NGO work – in partnership with NGOs

Would help students give vent to their creative side and extra-curricular pursuits.
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